About Me

Haley Zelenka, a native of the Gulf Coast, is a legal practitioner who is enthusiastic about helping her community both professionally and personally. Zelenka has worked in Mississippi her whole career, and she is presently a healthcare attorney in Gulfport.

Throughout her career, she has effectively employed her abilities in legal research, litigation, and legal writing. She has also made several remarkable personal achievements, like contributing the account of her health journey to a book.

The Legal Career and Service of Haley Zelenka

Zelenka focuses the most of her time to giving legal advice and experience in the healthcare business since she is dedicated to public service. She also devotes most of her spare time to pro bono work in the family law field. Throughout her career, she has worked on high-profile, challenging family law issues.

Zelenka is deeply committed to child advocacy, as well as the defense of public interests and civil rights. Zelenka, a former adoption agency attorney, maintains contact with many of the families and children with whom she has worked during her career.

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